Hot Reads: Trouble For Geared ETFs?

January 31, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Riskiest ETFs Get Green Light (ThinkAdvisor)
But they come with a caveat that could doom them to irrelevance.


Ken French: ‘No Way To Tell’ If Value Premium Disappearing (Institutional Investor)
French and longtime co-author Eugene Fama revisit the factor they famously documented in 1992.


They’re Going To Invert Yield Curve Again (Reformed Broker)
It’s mostly a function of Coronavirus fears and the Fed’s widely telegraphed activities in the overnight repo market.


These Sectors Seeing Inflows Despite Wall St’s Coronavirus Fears (CNBC Edge)
State Street says the virus hasn’t cracked investors’ confidence yet.


A Simple, Low Cost ETF Portfolio For 2020 (Forbes)
A basic, inexpensive portfolio that may sensibly ground your approach to investing.


High Yield: 5 Trends To Watch In 2020 (Invesco)
Opportunity abounds in new innovations and some traditional services.


Investing In a Post-60/40 Market Regime (WisdomTree)
This type of portfolio will no longer get the job done for many investors.


Putting The Next Market Downturn Into Perspective (Wealth Of Common Sense)
It’s “Back to the Future” in the stock market when losses hit.


Facebook Tumbles Post Q4 Results (Zacks)
What’s in store for ETFs?


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