Hot Reads: Trouble For Junk Bonds?

November 11, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Fears Mount Over Junk Bond ETFs (Bloomberg)

'IHYG' posts outflows in 13 over past 14 weeks.


‘I Sell Winners Too Early & Hold Losers’ (Institutional Investor)

Behavioral analysts can help active investors from making repeated mistakes.


An ETF ‘Explosion’ (CNBC)

Inflows are at $4 trillion and top industry expert says it’s early days yet.


Vanguard Braces For Test Of Bond Market’s Inflation Bet (Bloomberg)
The bond market may be about to get confirmation of its rebounding inflation wagers, according to Vanguard Group strategist Anne Mathias.

Factor Based Investing Across The Business Cycle (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 

Key investment factors such as momentum, value, size, quality and volatility are time-varying and related to changes in the business cycle.


Mutual Funds: Where Fun Came To Die (Morningstar)

The industry is better than ever, but also duller.


Signal Failure (Humble Dollar)

Why the U.S. market could be less overpriced than it seems.


Trends That Matter In Asset Management (A Wealth Of Common Sense) 

How and why people invest in certain ways can have a massive impact on market dynamics and often trump fundamentals.


Fund & ETF Investors Still In Risk-Off Mode (Seeing Alpha)

Despite new U.S. index highs, equity mutual funds (including ETFs) continue to suffer from net redemptions.


6 Value, Low-Vol ETFs For Q4 (Think Advisor)

ETFs that invest in U.S. stocks have been in favor lately.


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