Hot Reads: Trump Raises China Tariffs As Deal Fades

May 06, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Trump Says China Tariffs To Increase (CNBC)
President Trump said Sunday tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods will increase to 25% on Friday.


ETF Cost Many Investors Overlook (Forbes)
Don’t forget the spread.


Blockchain Hype Missed The Mark (Bloomberg)
The technology might still change the world, but all the skepticism seems warranted.


Buffetted Performance (Indexology)
Active management is getting harder, which is reflected in Warren Buffett's recent performance.


Addressing A Gold ETF 'Scandal' (Seeking Alpha) 
Diversifying your gold exposure could blunt the impact if the controversy is real. 


LPL To Lower Transaction Fees On ETFs (Wealth Management)
The independent broker-dealer announced the change, among others, on the latest earning call.


Talking To Clients About ESG Investing (SPDR)
How to achieve sustainable performance by investing in sustainable companies.


Why So Many Advisors Are Switching Firms (Financial Planning)
Less than half of advisors surveyed are happy with their current firm.

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