Hot Reads: Ugly Week For Energy ETFs

August 05, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Ugly Week For Energy Stocks (Bloomberg)
Investor trust has dried up, and it won’t improve without a lot of consolidation.


Vegans May Soon Have an ETF (WSJ)
ETF will seek to avoid companies whose activities directly contribute to animal suffering or environmental destruction. 


Floaters Vastly Underperforming (Seeking Alpha) 
Floating-rate debt continues to substantially lag its fixed-rate counterpart, as seen in the performance of “FLRN."


Don't Count Out Value Investing (Bloomberg)
A decade or more of lagging doesn’t mean the landscape has changed permanently.


ETF Trading Spikes To 2019 High (Bloomberg)
Trump and Fed have rattled stocks.


Interest Rates Drop Among Robos (Wealth Management)
Not even flashy robos are immune to the Fed's decisions.


Growth: Factor Investing Sinning? (Factor Research)
Growth stocks outperformed U.S. stock market since 1992, but  higher returns explained by higher betas.


Credit Risk Premia & Credit Spreads Not The Same (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
Investors should understand the difference.

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