Hot Reads: Understanding Craftsmanship Alpha

November 05, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Craftsmanship Alpha (Disciplined Systematic Global Views)
There are diminishing returns to portfolio complexity.


Alarms Still Blare On BBB Bonds (Bloomberg)
The risks haven’t changed from a year ago. Investors have become either sanguine or oblivious.


Costs & Benefits Of ESG Investing (Alpha Architect)
Do ESG screens negatively impact Sharpe ratio?


Managing Chinese Equity Risk In Emerging Markets (WisdomTree)
Eliminating state-owned enterprises can enhance return while mitigating volatility.


ETFs That Echo Hedge Funds Set To Double Assets? (Bloomberg)
Liquid alt ETFs could hit $114 billion next year, says new Greenwich study.


The Next Frontier In Institutional Investing (MainStay Investments)
A study revealed an evolving trend towards more extensive use of liquid alternative ETFs by institutional investors in specific situations.


What Hedge Funds Should Really Worry About (Institutional Investor)
Allocators are increasing their exposure to alternatives—but instead of making direct investments, they’re opting for cheaper ETFs.


Emerging Market Opportunities Beyond Passive ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
Why active strategies can offer outperformance relative to benchmarks, and long-term strategic positioning.


WeWork Isn't the Only Wreck Hiding In Your Portfolio (Bloomberg)
As mutual funds and pension funds race into private markets, investors should tread carefully.

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