Hot Reads: Unraveling Foreign Dividend ETFs

July 25, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Unraveling Foreign Dividends In ETFs (Morningstar)
Bigger yields require patience.


Investors Piling Into Silver ETFs (Kitco)
Silver ETF holdings since the start of June rose by more than the amount of metal normally mined throughout the world in an entire month, analyst said.

Biggest Bond Fund Inflows Over Past 3 Years (Financial Planning)
These are the 20 ETFs and mutual funds that brought in the most investor dollars.


Dip Into Industrials With 'XLI' (Stock Investor)
A crucial factor in the industrial sector resides on the trade front, especially with China.


Jane Street Defends ETFs (Bloomberg)
Investors looking for potential causes of volatility in the debt markets have nothing to fear from ETFs.

Investors Paying Too Much For Safety? (BlackRock)
Defensive sectors may be overpriced in the current environment.


Worrying About The Wrong Risk (Belle Curve)
Investors are obsessed with market volatility, and for good reason.


High Yield ETFs Have Little Impact On Underlying Bond Market (SPDR)
Also, six ways high yield ETFs can help in a portfolio.


Manager Research Matters More Than You Think (Institutional Investor)
The more time spent on due diligence, the better the return. Really.

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