Hot Reads: US-China Trade Talks Come To A Head

May 08, 2019

Compiled by Staff


How US-China Talks Could Play Out (Bloomberg)
Whether the world’s two largest economies will sink deeper into their trade conflict may depend on negotiations Thursday and Friday.


BlackRock's Premium ETFs Pay The Bills (Bloomberg)
World's largest money manager gets almost half its ETF revenue from higher-cost products.


Gundlach: Stocks In Bear Market (CNBC)
DoubleLine CEO says there's better than a 50% chance for new tariffs.


Tactical Portable Beta (Flirting With Models)
Over time, a tactical 90/60 portfolio has outperformed, with significantly lower max drawdown.


Why ETFs Succeeded For Retail Investors (Morningstar)
This success story owes credit to many parties.


As Fees Fall, Active Funds Suffer (Financial Planning)
Fee wars haven’t been kind to actively managed funds. 


Top Portfolio Manager? (ThinkAdvisor)
Morningstar to name choice at conference on May 9.

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