Hot Reads: US Growth Slows To 2.1%

July 26, 2019

Compiled by Staff


US Growth Slows To 2.1% (Bloomberg)
Trade tensions weigh on businesses; consumer buying surges.


Logic Behind Negative-Yielding Bonds (Bloomberg)
There’s now about $13 trillion in negative-yielding bonds. What’s going on?


Cloudy Future For Pot ETFs (WM)
Investors may be high on cannabis ETFs, but an unpleasant comedown may be on the way.


Technical Outlook For Semiconductor ETFs (CNBC)
The outlook for “SMH” is worrying, says one technical analyst. 


Drawback Of Diversification (Morningstar)
Its lunch is indeed a bargain, but it isn't free.


For Monster Gains In 'SPY,' Trade After Hours (Bloomberg)
Buying “SPY” at close, selling at open has yielded 670% since 1993.


There's No Better Time To Be An Active Manager’ (Institutional Investor)
Passive and quant strategies move markets regardless of fundamentals, opening new opportunities.


Evolution Of The Total Portfolio (BlackRock)

More advisors than ever are using model portfolios to manage their clients’ investment strategies.

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