Hot Reads: Vanguard Takes Aim At Private Equity

July 08, 2019

Compiled by Staff


How Vanguard Could Shake Up Private Equity (CNBC)
Is this another market it intends to overhaul by passively managing and micro-pricing index fund offerings to the masses?


China To Drop Foreign Ownership Caps By 2020 (P&I)
Announcement comes after last year's increase to ownership limit.


TLT’ Poised To Reverse Lower (Seeking Alpha)
The iShares 20+Year Treasury ETF (TLT) could face a violent reversal after record bond inflows.


Indexing: Out With Tradition? (CFA Institute) 
A discussion of indexing beyond market-cap-weighted benchmarks.


Good Investors Making Investing Harder (Bloomberg)
It's also why a monkey throwing darts can outperform active managers. 


When Bonds Aren't Bonds (Pragmatic Capitalism)
Many foreign bonds and junk bonds actually add to loss risk.


Why Robo Advisors Struggling To Break Even (International Banker)
Robos struggle to balance acquisition costs with fee revenue.


Int'l Factor Portfolio (WisdomTree)
How a focus on the quality factor can complement the size premium.


US Cycle Breaks A Record. Now What? (Invesco)
Many investors wary the end is near, but current conditions still look favorable.

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