Hot Reads: This Video Game ETF Is On Fire

August 06, 2020

Compiled by Staff


This Video Game ETF Is On Fire (Benzinga)
And it could just be the beginning for upstart “NERD.”


Direct Indexing Could Change Financial Services Forever (MarketWatch) 
Wealthy investors are the early adopters of direct indexing, but most observers think there will be a trickle-down effect.


3x Tech ETF Loses $430M After Earnings (Bloomberg)
'TQQQ' posted largest one-day outflow ever.


Assessing The Current State Of Munis (Invesco)
Opportunity exists among short-term and high-yield munis, as well as healthcare.


Money Supply May Be Key To Igniting Inflation (CNBC)
Investors are keeping a close eye on a surge in the U.S. money supply for signs of inflation.


The S&P 500 In Major Market Crashes (Visual Capitalist)
Where does the COVID-19 crash fit into the big picture?


Markets Don't Seem To Care About The Economy (Bloomberg) 
Many of the most battered industries don’t matter much because of the way stock indexes are structured.

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