Hot Reads: What’s Next For Red-Hot Markets

December 30, 2019

Compiled by Staff

What Follows A Historic Year (Bloomberg)
Good stretches in stocks are not usually followed by bad ones.


Online Retail ETF (IBUY) Hits New 52-Week High (
Let’s take a quick look at the fund and the near-term outlook on it to get a better idea on where it might be headed.


What To Watch This Week (CNBC)
Stocks potentially could see the best gains since 1997 if the S&P closes 2019 with a more than 29.6% gain.

Taking A Look At The 'Freedom ETF' (CNBC)
The fund uses data from the Fraser Institute, the Cato Institute and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom to determine how 26 emerging market countries are weighed in the ETF.


The King Of Tech ETFs Still Has Its Weaknesses (SeekingAlpha)
This ETF is heavily weighted towards large cap tech giants and to just a few of those in particular.


7 Best Vanguard ETFs for 2020 (InvestorPlace)
The best Vanguard ETFs in 2020 will be those that can hold up in a slowing economy


2020 May Be Turning Market For Emerging Markets (ThinkAdvisor)
After a year of trade tariffs, Asia markets could break out, giving double-digit boosts to portfolios.


Cost Of Divestment For Endowments (Institutional Investor)
Twenty-nine universities excised fossil fuel. What happened to their performance?


How Fed’s Policy Committee Will Change In 2020 (ThinkAdvisor)
The four new FOMC members include two who were skeptics of recent rate cuts and one who preferred larger cuts.

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