Hot Reads: When To Buy Stocks Directly

June 24, 2020

Compiled by staff


When To Buy Stocks Directly (Morningstar)
It's an offer that most investors should refuse.


Junk Bonds Topple Monthly Sales Record (Bloomberg)
U.S. high-yield companies have raised $46.7 billion this month.


ETF Issuers Face "Major Missed Opportunity" In Model Portfolios (Bloomberg)
Majority of investors open to pre-assembled allocations.


Roth vs. Traditional 401(k): Which Is The Better Option? (Of Dollars & Data)
Each have their advantages in different circumstances.


3 Things I Think (Pragmatic Capitalism)
On market insanity, day trading and Fed trutherism.


5 Best Marijuana ETFs (US News & World Report)
Cannabis ETFs are sometimes less volatile than buying individual stocks.

No Longer Superheroes? Twilight Of The Bonds (CFA Institute)
With low, nil or negative yields, how much can bonds still contribute to a portfolio?


Return Of The Retail Investor (CNBC Edge)
Out of growth, into value?

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