Hot Reads: When To Get Active With Sectors

March 12, 2019

Compiled by Staff


When To Get Active With Sectors (Indexology)
Strength of sector effects in equities has increased.


Trading In $21B ETF Surges On Boeing (Bloomberg)
'DIA' traded over four times its average presession volume.


Why Actively Managed Municipal ETFs? (MainStay)
Active management works well in inefficient markets, and the U.S. municipal bond market is one of them.


‘Future Shocks’ Could Shake Up Wealth Management (ThinkAdvisor)
Four major drivers of change advisors should watch.


Time To Get Excited About Chinese Equities? (WisdomTree)
Is progress actually being made toward the ever-elusive “trade deal” between China and the U.S.?


JD Power: Wealthy Clients Unhappy With Mobile Apps (ThinkAdvisor)
Why does wealth management fare worse than other industries in app development?


Advisors To Return $125M In 12b-1 Fees (Think Advisor)
More than 70 advisors self-reported they'd improperly sold clients mutual fund shares with 12b-1 fees.


Reason For Caution In Small Cap Stocks (BlackRock)
BlackRock advises caution in chasing the current rally.


Low Volatility Turnover With Value & Momentum (Alpha Architect)
An efficient low-volatility strategy only needs a small amount of trading.


SEC’s Clayton: Plan For Volatile Markets If Hard Brexit (MarketWatch)
Clayton told an audience of international bankers to be prepared for multiple Brexit scenarios.

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