Hot Reads: When Investing Becomes Speculation

February 19, 2020

Compiled by Staff


When Does Investing Become Speculation? (Morningstar)
When the expected return is not clearly positive.


Cathie Wood: The Best Investor You’ve Never Heard Of (Bloomberg)
Her (so far) prescient Tesla bet could make her a known name.


Berkshire Dips Into ETF Market With 2 Bets For A Pension Plan (Bloomberg)
ETFs may serve as parking spot for Berkshire’s cash pile.


Buybacks Off To Worst Start In 7 Years (CNBC)
Share buybacks got off to a slow start in 2020, with the $13.7 billion total in January the lowest since 2013.


Don't Freak Out About Apple's Coronavirus Warning (CNN Money)
The billion dollar question: Is the financial fallout from coronavirus a short-term problem or a longer-term trend?


T Rowe Price Intros New Target-Date Retirement Options (ThinkAdvisor)
Also, Bloomberg and MSCI expand ESG fixed income offerings.

Avoid The Zeros (Of Dollars And Data)
Why avoiding bad decisions is more important than making great ones.


Active Equity Funds Had Biggest Monthly Outflows Since 2008 (ThinkAdvisor)
Investors favoring cheaper, passive products even when markets are strong, says Moody’s.


Pressure Building For Another US Rate Cut? (The Capital Spectator)
Key trends in the Treasury market and the monetary base suggest the future may be more uncertain and risky than widely assumed.


Diversification With Portable Beta (Newfound Research)
A moderate amount of leverage paired with risk management strategies could improve portfolio outcomes.


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