Hot Reads: Where Active Mgmt Actually Works

April 12, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Where Active Management Actually Works (Institutional Investor)
Active has done pretty well in large-cap U.S. stocks.


Will Amazon Drive ETF Fees Below Zero? (Forbes)
The commoditization of ETFs has paved the way for technology to play an increasing role.


Financial Hedgers Prefer ETFs Over Stocks (Bloomberg)
Options interest has more than doubled in “KRE.” 


3 Tax Efficient Retirement Portfolios For Minimalists (Morningstar)
You don't have to babysit these portfolios, even come tax time.


ETF Options To Hedge Bank Earnings (Bloomberg)
With big banks poised to kick off the Q1 earnings season, investors appear to be favoring options in ETFs over single stocks to hedge their financial sector positions.


Investors Pulled $16B From Bank ETFs (BI)
Negative investor sentiment could turn positive if Fed reverses tightening policy.


ETF Arena Likely To Expand (
SEC looking to ease its rules for approving low-risk ETFs.


How Suitable Is Your Real Estate Benchmark? (MSCI) 
Due to the heterogeneity of the asset class and the way strategies for investing in property vary widely, finding the right benchmark for different portfolios can be a major challenge.


The Life Cycle Of Wealth (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
Front-load your stock purchases at an early age to decrease overall risk.


Concoctions From ETF Alchemists (Forbes)
Diversified index funds? Yesterday’s story. Sector funds? Fidelity has had those since 1981. The new, new thing is theme funds.

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