Hot Reads: Who Won The Zero Fee ETF War?

October 11, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Who Won The Zero-Fee ETF War? (CNBC)
It looks like no one has. 


Brokers Profit From You Even With Zero Commissions (Bloomberg)
Schwab’s move to zero could pay off in the long run.


Gain On Mean-Reversion With This Foreign Value ETF (Morningstar)
Diversification and a low fee improve its appeal.


Factor Analysis Of Small-Cap Benchmarks (Indexology)
A comparison of the S&P SmallCap 600 versus the Russell 2000.

3 ETF Strategies To Stem Losses During Potential ‘Black Swan’ Event (Investopedia)
These plans could protect investors against major losses.


Great Long-Term Opportunity, Much Lower Price (Seeking Alpha)

Marijuana prices have crashed back to earth, but they should keep going.


The World’s Most Powerful Reserve Currencies (The Visual Capitalist)
The U.S. dollar dominates, but shares the space with several other currencies.


Stress Testing Brexit: Deal Or No Deal? (MSCI)
A stress-testing model examines how markets could react to deal and no-deal scenarios.


3 ETFs For Investing In Cybersecurity (Nasdaq)
What to know about the cybersecurity space, and some ETFs that offer access to it.

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