Hot Reads: Why 1,000 Closed ETFs Is A Good Thing

November 29, 2019

Compiled by Staff


1,000 Dead ETFs Is Cause For Celebration (Bloomberg)
The market is a meritocracy where only the strongest survive.


China Warning Signs Flashing Almost Everywhere (Bloomberg)
From rural bank runs to surging consumer indebtedness and an unprecedented bond restructuring, mounting signs of financial stress in China are putting the nation’s policy makers to the test.


Opportunities In Retail ETFs (CNBC)
Investors could still benefit from parts of the retail space via exchange-traded fund strategies, says Dave Nadig, managing director of


These Dividend Plays Can Help Boost Your Investment Portfolio (Investor’s Business Daily)
Income stocks that pay a steady dividend can offer investors a sense of security no matter what the broader market is doing.


Beware Footnote Mischief (Institutional Investor)
New Harvard, MIT research finds evidence companies are distorting earnings.


All-Time Highs Are Both Scary & Normal (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Every time the market peaks, it feels like the end is near.


Rethinking The Role Of Government Bonds (BlackRock)
Low yields and more monetary easing challenge the role of government bonds as ballast.

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