Hot Reads: Why Diversification Fails

November 23, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Why Diversification Fails When You Need It Most (FA Magazine) 
It tends to work really well when investors don't need it, then fall apart when they do. 


3 Ways To Deal With Cap Gains Distributions (Morningstar)
Should you hold, sell or split the difference?


Gold Jumps While Treasury, Fed Have Plenty Of Capacity (Bloomberg)
Bullion-backed fund holdings at lowest in 2 months.


What Are SPACs? (CNBC)
“Shell companies” are hardly a modern phenomenon.


Could OPEC's House Of Cards Collapse? (Bloomberg)
The UAE may not be serious about quitting the oil cartel, but its tantrum is a timely reminder of the group's deep fractures.


Visualizing Copper's Supply Chain (Visual Capitalist) 
Following copper from the mine to the refinery.


3 ETFs Perfect for Robinhood Investors (Motley Fool)
These three ETFs offer the potential for big rewards that Robinhood investors will love.


Mean Reversion Increasingly Likely? (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
A look at the behavior of prices across a broad set of 24 markets in four major asset classes. 

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