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Hot Reads: Why Most Stocks Are Losers |

Hot Reads: Why Most Stocks Are Losers

December 21, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Why Most Stocks Are Losers (Morningstar)
The math of diversification.


Congress Agrees To $900B Stimulus Deal (CNBC)
Lawmakers plan to pass the relief and funding bill on Monday.


An Introduction to Social Justice Investing (WM)
The universe of social justice investments is quickly evolving from nascency to increased interest from mainstream investors.


11 Reasons Advisors Should Rethink Bitcoin (ThinkAdvisor)
As bitcoin’s price nears $24K, cryptocurrency is fast becoming a favored alt investment among some well-known investors.


Tesla, Bitcoin Bull Cathie Woods Targets 20% ETF Returns (Bloomberg)
Ark’s successes in 2020 include 150% return in largest fund.


SPAC Short Boom On Its Way (Institutional Investor)
At least six special purpose acquisition companies have been targeted by short-sellers this year.


Could Long Bonds Sabotage Investors? (Institutional Investor)
Mariner Investment Groups says investors should take half their bond portfolio and put it in alternative credit.


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