Hot Reads: Why Short The S&P 500 Now?

October 08, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Time To Start Shorting The S&P 500? (ThinkAdvisor)
Gary Shilling suggests a small short position in the S&P 500, long positions in U.S. Treasuries and heavy cash holdings.


Meet The Banks Behind Trades That Power ETFs (Bloomberg)
The world’s biggest banks still play a surprisingly large role in the rapidly growing market for ETFs.


Vice Still Pays When You're Managing Billions (Bloomberg)
Can fund managers create socially conscious credit portfolios that are also better investments?|

Should You Add Flavor to a Vanilla Bond Portfolio? (Morningstar)
A look at what to think about when it comes to diversifying your bonds.


How Risky Are BBB Bonds? (BlackRock)
Investors should weigh the added risk with their search for yield.


Hougan: We Are Closer Than Ever To Bitcoin ETF (CNBC)
Sometime before Monday, the SEC has to give its decision, he said. 


With Commission-Free Trading, All Investors Do Is Win (SPDR)
Commission-free trading isn't everything. But it helps.


A Framework For Creating Model Portfolios (Alpha Architect)
What is the best way to create a model portfolio?


Will Structural Issues Prevent Europe From Matching US ETF Assets? (ETF Stream)
The evolution has been relatively uneven.


10 Reasons Advisors & Investors Should Care About ESG Investing (ThinkAdvisor)
Merrill updated its ESG primer outlining the benefits of this approach to investing.


Active Managers Flopping Where They Should Dominate (Institutional Investor)
In one of the least efficient asset classes, just one in five beats their benchmark.


ETFs Increase Correlations, Not Amplitude (Seeking Alpha)
ETFs do present some anomalies for the markets, but they are localized to the sectors or strategies that are being pursued.

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