Hot Reads: Why Smart Beta ETFs Protect Investors

May 17, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Why Smart Beta ETFs Protect Investors (US News & World Report)
Academic research uses market trends to try to outperform stock market benchmarks.


Sanctions, Tariffs Could Benefit ‘RSX’ (Seeking Alpha)
Russia may be able to capture markets in affected countries, boosting the VanEck Vectors Russia ETF (RSX)


Country Rotation With Growth/Value Sentiment (Flirting With Models) 
Research project leads to development of new metric for country rotation.


AQR's Asness Is Right: It's A ‘Crappy’ Time For Factor Investing (Financial Planning)
When the champion of factor investing uses the word "terrible," you know times are tough in quant land.


Investors In Europe Beware Problematic Politics (BlackRock)
Politics pose the biggest risk to BlackRock's projection of a second-half rebound.


Star Among Financial Services ETFs (Benzinga)
After slumping last year, the financial services sector is on the path to redemption this year.


Investors Remain Confident, But More Risk Averse: Survey (SPDR)
Here's how 500 investment professionals are positioning their portfolios now.


SoFi CEO On Millennial Investing Habits (CNBC)
They’re focused on investing in things they’re contributing to and things they know, like gig economy companies.

Trump's Nuclear Option To Halt China’s Rise (Bloomberg)
This could potentially lead to Huawei’s destruction, arguably China's most important company, said one analyst. 

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