Hot Reads: World's Biggest Economy Has Stopped

April 01, 2020

Compiled by Staff

The World's Biggest Economy Has Stopped (CNN Money)
The economy is cratering deeper than we have seen in our lifetimes.


Don’t Fight The Fed On Corporate Bond ETFs? (FA Magazine) 
The government will likely only buy the largest and most liquid US bond ETFs.


One Hedge To Rule Them All (Flirting With Models)
A catch-up on 8 risk-management strategies. Which still work?


Jeremy Siegel: 4 Things Must Happen (ThinkAdvisor)
While one of those steps has been achieved, more work needs to be done on the others, he says.


This Crisis vs. The Great Depression (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Similarities and differences between now and the Great Depression.

A History of S&P 500 Bear-Market Rallies (Bloomberg)
Just a week ago, central bankers, politicians and Wall Street were all asking when the market turmoil would end. The question now is whether it already has.

End Of An Era? (MSCI)
Not really. The relationship between bonds and stocks has shown no signs of changing.


Perspective On The Fed & ETFs (Franklin Templeton) 
The road to premiums is paved with good intentions.


Everybody Thinks (The Irrelevant Investor)
Each side is using the other to confirm their priors right now.


Was That The Bottom? (Of Dollars & Data)
On false rallies and the disconnect between the stock market and the economy.


ESG Stock Resilience Paving Way For Popularity Surge (Bloomberg)
YTD 59% of U.S. ESG ETFs are beating the S&P 500.


Do All Investors Predict Doom? Not Quite (Institutional Investor)
New research from Greenwich Associates shows a disparity in investor confidence for 2020 performance.


Former Fed Chair Yellen Worries About A Deepening Recession (ThinkAdvisor)
Her best-case scenario doesn’t foresee positive GDP growth until the fourth quarter.

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