Hot Reads: Worst ETFs In The World

April 18, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Worst ETFs In The World (SeekingAlpha)
“USO” and “UNG” were among the hottest products on Wall Street when they started in the mid-2000s.


US & China Aim For Early-May Trade Deal (Bloomberg)
Senior U.S. and Chinese officials scheduling more talks in effort to reach deal by early May that President Trump and his Chinese counterpart Jinping could sign later that month.


Warren Buffett: The Greatest Factor Investor Of All Time? (Factor Research)
A factor exposure analysis of Berkshire Hathaway reveals structural factor tilts.


6 ESG ETFs Beating SPY: More Room To Run? (Zacks)
Environmental, social and governance investing is a new big thing in the ETF industry.


Time To Consider Commodity ETFs (MainStay)
It’s been a tough year for farmers, but commodities have reason to recover.  


3 Excellent Dividend-Growth Funds & ETFs (Morningstar)
There's a lot to love about “SDY” and “VIG.”


Dividends & Buybacks: S&P 500 Buyback Index Outperforms (Indexology)
In general, it’s a positive sign when a company buys back shares. 


5 Truths On Wealth Mgmt Pricing Revolution  (ThinkAdvisor)
Schwab's new subscription-based service is a needed shake-up for the industry.

The Most Responsible Asset Allocators (Institutional Investor)
These top 25 are the most socially aware and environmentally focused.


What Climate Risks Mean For Your Portfolio (BlackRock)
Increasingly, climate risk is one investors can no longer ignore.

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