Hot Reads: Year-End Tax Tips For Investors

December 05, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Year-End Tax Tips For Investors (U.S. News & World Report)
These tax-saving strategies are available only until Dec. 31.


9 Things Not Likely To Happen In 2020 (Invesco)
Sometimes forecasting what will not happen is easier than trying to understand what will happen.

Assets Managed By Robos Up 10% In 2019 (Investment News)
Full-service wealth management firms see fastest growth in digital assets.


VXX: Just Sell It (Seeking Alpha)
VXX’s methodology rolls exposure in a market with high levels of contango which means that roll yield is almost always negative.


There's Always A Bear Market Somewhere (A Wealth Of Common Sense) 
The hard part of taking advantage of a bear market is the timing. 


Where’s the Alpha? (WM)
A deep dive into ETFs with the highest alpha coefficients shows small cap has been huge for equity portfolios; for fixed income, it’s zero duration. But what about the future?


What Institutional Investors Are Worried About For 2020 (Institutional Investor)
New poll finds institutions expect more volatility, but aren't making any big moves just yet.


Smart Beta Managers Promise "Utterly Implausible" Returns (Institutional Investor)
Research Affiliates says managers use backtests to claim outperformance that never comes.


Alternatives To The Aggregate (Morningstar)
As the bond market's barometer grows more conservative, new indexed options emerge.


Stock Bulls Add Most In 2 Yrs To ETFs Before 2% Slide (Bloomberg)
More than $38B went into stock funds last month, just before the S&P 500 skidded.


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