Hot Reads: Yield Curve Inverts

March 27, 2019

Compiled by Staff


5 Views On The Inverted Yield Curve (CNBC)

To many, an inverted yield curve signals an oncoming recession. But analysts and economists largely split by latest test of market's resilience.


Vanguard Poised To Top BlackRock For ETF Flows (Bloomberg) 

Vanguard pulling in more money than any other U.S. ETF issuer so far for the first quarter, roughly $17 billion.


What Could Bring An End To The IPO High? (CNBC)
The Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO) is up 30% YTD, but an important test looms.


Economic Growth Heading Into A Recession (Wealth Of Common Sense)

Take historical formulas, backtests or charts with a huge grain of salt, especially when it comes to economic data.


Stocks Flash Caution As Bellwether ETF Loses Most Since 2012 (Bloomberg)

“IYT” lost $108 million Monday.


What Can Push Markets Forward In 2019? (WisdomTree)

Recent emerging market trends and macro data that might portend a U.S. recession.


Black Swans, Major Events & Factor Returns (Factor Research)
Factor returns are almost random after black swan and major events.


How To Approach Tech Investing (BlackRock)

What tech disruption means for investors.


Bonds Vs. Bond Funds: Minnows Vs. Sharks (Morningstar)

There's almost always an advantage to buying a portfolio of bonds over individual bonds.


How Concentration Affects Portfolio Performance (Irrelevant Investor)

You have to do more than just pick the right stocks.


Myths About Female Investors (SPDR)

Female investors are heavily researched, yet poorly understood.

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