Mon. Hot Reads: 4 Charts Of The Week

May 14, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Good Charts From The Week (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Last week had some key graphics addressing stock market ownership, bond manager returns, the job market and how to be rich.


Sector ETFs To Buy As Inflation Perks Up (ETF Daily News) 
Take a look at homebuilders, energy and consumer discretionary funds.


In At The Deep End With Tracking Error (ETF Stream) 
Want to understand the performance of your ETF? Understand its underlying index first.


HK's Most Popular ETF Shorts Whole Market (Bloomberg)
Fund that makes money when Hong Kong stocks tumble has suddenly garnered interest.


Is There A Gender Gap In Saving For Retirement? (WealthManagement)
New Merrill Lynch study finds women must work harder than men.


Own Gold? These ETFs May Cut Your Costs (Forbes)
Does ‘BAR’ make more sense than ‘GLD’ or ‘IAU’?


ESG Reins In Volatility After Rough Start (P&I)
ESG mandates once meant higher volatility, lower returns. Not now.


Roubini: Cryptocurrencies Taking Us Back To Stone Age (MarketWatch)

Utopian rhetoric of ICO swindlers designed to separate investors from their savings.

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