Mon. Hot Reads: BlackRock Profits Grow

July 16, 2018

Compiled by staff

BlackRock Profit Rises As ETF Demand Continues (Reuters)
The world’s biggest asset manager reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit even as iShares flows dropped. 


Market Cap Weighting Costing Investors (CNBC)
A new study finds that many indexes that use a equal-weighting methodology have outperformed the S&P 500 over the years.


Trade War Fears Blunt ETF Growth (Financial Times)
Global inflows into ETFs fell by more than a third from the prior year during the first half.


Investors Chasing Dividends Through ETFs (Bloomberg)
A handful of dividend ETFs may owe President Trump a thank you note. 


Why ETFs Are Beating Mutual Funds (Seeking Alpha) 
Cost and structure have a lot to do with it.


A Short History Of US Trade Wars (Visual Capitalist)
A look at 7 historic trade skirmishes and how they compare to the current trade war.


Nasdaq 100 ‘QQQ’ Leads 5 Major Equity ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
The Nasdaq 100 ETF set an all-time intraday high of $179.90 on Friday the 13th, and now has a positive but overbought weekly chart. 


Death Is A Way Of Life For Liquid Alternatives (Morningstar)
Alternative funds have been liquidating much faster than other groups of funds over the past five years.


Sector Diversification in a Yield-Focused Strategy (Indexology)
Income-focused strategies can be diversified across multiple fronts.


EM Corporate Debt As Attractive Diversifier (WisdomTree Blog)
Emerging market corporate bonds currently have a lot to recommend them for core portfolios.

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