Mon. Hot Reads: Economy’s Biggest Week Of Year

June 11, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Economy's Most Important Week Of The Year (Bloomberg)
What to watch for ahead of five days of presidential standoffs, trade tensions and central bank meetings.


Active Mutual Funds Investing In ETFs (LiveMint)
Actively managed mutual funds allowed to buy passive funds, but it’s a departure from their fundamental strategy. 


Smart Beta Not Worth Cost (Bloomberg)
Higher fees offset sporadically better returns. 


Be Wary Of Backtesting With Factor Strategies (Alpha Architect) 
Factor-based investment strategies vulnerable to backtesting and crowding.


ETF Price War Continues (Financial Times) 
BlackRock and VanEck have made steep cuts to expense ratios of key ETFs.

Time To Consider Illiquidity Premium? (Seeking Alpha) 
‘VFLQ’ may be good choice for investors currently in the largest ETFs. 


US Due For Recession? (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
Recessions driven by human behavior, not a schedule.


How Passive Fund Giants Drive Higher Returns (Institutional Investor)
Rise of shareholder activism by BlackRock and State Street could lead to higher performance long term.


Best Way To Diversify Equity Risk (Morningstar)
Much-ballyhooed rise in stock/bond correlations not supported by recent data.


Solving Real-World Fixed Income ETF Investor Problems (MainStay)
Financial products exist—or should—to solve real-world investor problems.


Time To Move To SEPTICS? (WisdomTree)
WisdomTree explains why its U.S. equity ETFs mostly avoid FAANG stocks.

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