Mon. Hot Reads: Fidelity Takes Leap To Zero

August 06, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Fidelity Takes Leap to Zero (ETF Educator)
Fidelity is no charity, so how can it offer free index funds?


Bogle Turns 89 & Has No Interest In Crypto (Quartz)
It's easy to forget just how groundbreaking Jack Bogle's views were and are.


6 Factors To Watch As Bull Market Nears Record (MarketWatch)
In three weeks, it would become the longest bull run ever.


Investors Want More Smart Beta & Int’l ETFs (Barron’s)
Institutional investors driving demand for ETFs at unprecedented pace.


Should Insurers Beware These New ETFs? (Institutional Investor)
First-of-their-kind ETFs offer exposure to S&P 500 price return, with downside protection.


Worried About Wall St. Conflicts? SEC Isn't (Bloomberg Opinion)
Plan to limit bad sales incentives doesn't protect investors, writes Elizabeth Warren.


Stock Market Shrinking: Problem For Everyone (NY Times)
Today's market is half the size of the dot-com peak, reducing not just choice, but transparency.


Gradual Explosion Of Index Funds (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Index funds weren't exactly a runaway success when they first launched.


When To Pick A Mutual Fund Over Its ETF Version (WSJ)
How much of a true long-term investor are you?


Vanguard Improves CAPE Ratio? (Alpha Architect)
Research team tries to improve the predictive power of a key ratio. 


Visions Of Bitcoin (Medium) 
How major bitcoin narratives changed over time.


Market's Narrowness Has Been Greatly Exaggerated (Reformed Broker) 
A narrow market is a problem, but we're not there yet.

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