Mon. Hot Reads: This IPO ETF Is Popping

June 18, 2018

Compiled by Staff


ETF Stuffed With Tech IPOs Outpaces Stock Market (Bloomberg)
IPO’ is up 7.6% this month, vs 3.1% for the S&P 500.


Summer Reading List For Financial Advisors (Kitces)
Michael Kitces’ top picks include topics like how to improve your financial advice and how to become a next-generation advisor.


New Leveraged Marijuana ETFs On The Way (Globe & Mail)
Horizons has filed three new cannabis funds in Canada.


Better Buy: ‘VYM’ Or ‘SDY’? (Motley Fool)
Which ETF offers the better high dividend play?


Can Alternatives Help In Uncertain Markets? (Invesco)
Investors increasingly concerned about what the future will bring for stocks and bonds.


Why The Next Bear Market May Feel More Painful (Wealth of Common Sense)
Starting balance and savings habits are keys to this recipe.


Next Frontier In Footprinting (Indexology)
Carbon accounting for sovereign bonds has a lot of gray area.


What's Driving High Yield Spreads? (MSCI) 
Rising rates are just one facet that should be examined.


What Flattening Yield Curve Means For Fixed Income (WisdomTree) 
For one, it implies a lower opportunity cost of reducing rate risk.

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