Mon. Hot Reads: Low Vol 2018’s Factor Winner

January 14, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Low Vol Is Equity Factor Winner For 2018 (Invesco)
In the fourth quarter, dividend yield was also a strong competitor.


Tuesday Brexit Vote Could Trigger More Chaos (CNBC)
Prime Minister May's Brexit deal faces virtually certain defeat on Tuesday.


Larry Fink Protege Ascends As BlackRock Grapples With Growth (Bloomberg)
ETF czar now in spotlight amid firm's global expansion focus.


SEC Shutdown Opens Door For Fraud (Investment News)
Bad actors will win, investors will lose during government shutdown.


PMs Good At Buying, Bad At Selling (Institutional Investor)
Study shows managers would earn better returns if they sold at random.


Goldman: Earnings May Grow Just 3% This Year (CNBC)
Goldman Sachs says 2019 earnings growth could be as low as 3% due to slow economic growth, a strong dollar and low oil prices.


3 Stocks Trounce Marijuana ETFs & Will Do It Again (Motley Fool)
Repeat performances could be in store for these big marijuana winners from last year.


Stock Markets & Rule Of Law (Reformed Broker)
What happens if investors no longer believe we’re a country of law?


Italy ETF Not Plausible (Seeking Alpha) 
Despite yearly lows, “EWI” not a good idea right now, mainly due to Italian politics.

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