Mon. Hot Reads: Passive Investing Not THAT Big

May 21, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Fink: People Forget The Actual Size Of Passive Investing (Yahoo)

Passive investing isn't actually taking over, says CEO of one of the world's biggest passive managers.


Active Funds Are Dead, Long Live Active Funds (Morningstar)

Is low cost really the new past performance?


A Closer Look At Global X's Uranium ETF (Seeking Alpha)

URA’ is unique, but its lack of exposure to China is problematic.


How Winklevoss Twins Trying To Tame Bitcoin (Institutional Investor)

Some cryptocurrency entrepreneurs embraced the need for regulation early on.


4 ETFs To Bet On For Trillion-Dollar Share Buybacks (Yahoo)

Take a look at ‘SPYB,’ ‘PKW,’ ‘TTFS’ and ‘DIVB.’


Focus On The Future With ETFs, Not The Past (ETF Daily News)

A case for the thinly traded ‘QUS’ despite relative performance.


3 Uncelebrated Investing Edges (Reformed Broker)

Warning: They don’t captivate a large crowd of clickers or viewers.


Biggest Risk To The Bond Market (CNBC)
The issue of government supply is "humungous," says one analyst. 


Emerging Market Opportunity Knocks (Invesco)

EM debt has tumbled, but the macro story remains compelling despite recent volatility.


Anatomy Of A Dollar Rally (WisdomTree) 

With the U.S. dollar showing signs of strengthening, currency hedging could come back into focus in ETFs.


Ups & Downs Of Bond Ladders (BlackRock)

Maturity ETFs can make laddering simpler and more diversified. 


US-China Trade War 'On Hold' (CNBC)

Mnuchin says world's largest economies will drop their tariff threats while working on a wider trade agreement.

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