Mon. Hot Reads: Revenge Of The Bond Pickers?

October 08, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Bond Pickers See Price Swings As Chance For Revenge Over ETFs (Bloomberg)

Fund managers turning drastic declines in Europe’s high-yield bond market into opportunity to demonstrate their superiority over passive investment.


Many Investors Don't See Difference Between Mutual Funds & ETFs (CNBC)

New Raymond James survey finds 1 in 5 can't tell the two apart.


Checking In On Bond Market Losses (Wealth Of Common Sense)

Bond investors must remember short-term pain they’re experiencing will eventually be good for their returns.


Physical vs. Synthetic ETFs: War Truly Over (ETF Stream)

Almost 90% of European ETF cash now in physically backed funds.


SEC To Review 9 Rejected Bitcoin ETF Proposals (CCN)

Public comment to the amended applications is open until Oct. 26.


Elon Musk Turns His Ire Toward BlackRock (Institutional Investor)

Enraged over short-selling, Tesla CEO accuses BlackRock of profiting at investor expense.


New NAFTA: Can We Yawn Now? (WisdomTree)

Time for market to move off the tired “global trade war” theme.


Brazil Candidates To Face Off In Runoff Election (CNBC)

Brazil's presidential election will be decided in runoff between right-winger Bolsonaro and leftist Haddad.

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