Mon. Hot Reads: Shiller’s, Siegel’s Split Views

October 01, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Shiller Vs. Siegel: Are Stocks Too High? (Advisor Perspectives) 

Two longtime friends disagree on the state of the stock market.


BlackRock's ETF & Data Biz To Drive Growth (SeekingAlpha) 

The company's stock may be overvalued, but it looks well-positioned for growth.


Investors Have Lost Healthy Skepticism, Shiller Warns (MarketWatch)

The popular narrative says earnings could be permanently spectacular.


What If Stocks Don't Crash... (Wealth Of Common Sense) 

... for a while? Predicting the "when" of a crash almost impossible.


BlackRock Winner & Loser In Bond ETF Fee Fight (Bloomberg)

An investor moved $500 million into 'USIG' as 'LQD' sees $1 billion outflow.


Seeking Growth In A Changing World (MainStay)

U.S. growth stocks have posted outstanding results so far this year.


How Climate Change Impacts Stocks & Bonds (Think Advisor)

Companies that plan for climate-change effects may outpace peers.


What Billy Beane & Jim Simons Have In Common (Institutional Investor)

Sometimes, a lack of transparency works to investors' advantage.


CA Becomes First State Requiring Female Board Members (MarketWatch)

New rules go into effect in 2021.

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