Mon. Hot Reads: Tariffs Could Supercharge Gold

June 04, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Tariffs Could Supercharge Gold (Advisor Perspectives) 
New measures likely to spur inflation, hampering economic growth but boosting gold. 


How Effective Are Hedged Bond ETFs? (WSJ)
They can work better than a bond ladder in the short term.


Smith's 'Invisible Hand' & Benchmarks' Value (MSCI)
The nature of and uses for indexes have continued to evolve with investor needs.


VEA: 'Keep It Simple, Stupid' (Seeking Alpha)
An in-depth analysis of the Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF.


7 Set-It-&-Forget-It ETFs For Lazy Investors (InvestorPlace)
These funds can help you maximize returns without much trading.


Consumer Confidence Jumps To 18-Year High: ETFs To Watch (Nasdaq)
Check out these five consumer discretionary funds.


3 ETFs To Buy Into The World’s Hottest Trends (InvestorPlace)
From solar to China, no need for stock-picking.


Psychology Of Money (Collaborative Fund)
Investing is the study of how people behave with money.


Supply & Demand In The Stock Market (Wealth of Common Sense)
In two decades, the number of U.S. stocks halved, while the number of foreign stocks doubled.


Measuring Market Impact Of Geopolitical Risks (BlackRock)
Which geopolitical events will move markets?


Vanguard's Asset Growth Slowing (Think Advisor)
It's still the No. 1 fund company in the U.S., but inflows are slowing.


Confusion Around Share Buybacks (The Economist) 
Six areas of confusion around buybacks when the practice is rising.


Atlantic Hurricane Season Rattles Commodity Markets (MarketWatch)
Atlantic hurricane season raises potential for disruptions in markets, from oil and natural gas to oranges and cotton.


How The Dollar Is Hurting EM ETFs (ETF Daily News)
U.S. dollar has a lot to do with emerging markets falling out of favor.

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