Mon. Hot Reads: Trade War Biggest Threat

July 09, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Economy Is Fine; Trade War Biggest Risk (The Fat Pitch)

The macro data is fine, but the chain reaction set off by a trade war threatens stocks.


Can Investors Win A U.S.-China Trade War? (MSCI)

The new tariffs are in effect. Companies with exposure to China are taking share price hits.


Taking Personal Capital Out Of Vanguard's Shadow (RIABiz)

The robo's new CEO is making the kind of start-up choices a venture capitalist can love.


Passive Lineup Dominates Growth At Vanguard (Morningstar)

The firm continues to see massive inflows, sometimes resulting in headaches for customers.


The Trouble With Treasurys  (Wealth Management)

Between the Fed and the deficit, Treasurys are on the rise.


Buzzword Bingo Of Smart Beta, Factor ETFs (Seeking Alpha)

Build your portfolios based on fund attributes, not marketing buzzwords. 


What "Long Term Investor" Really Means (Institutional Investor)
It's more than just following the index. 


The World's 20 Largest Tech Giants (Visual Capitalist)

Spoiler: All of them are either from the U.S. or China.


Platinum Starting To Shine For Bargain Hunters (MarketWatch)
Platinum, with its price close to the lowest level in nearly a decade, offers a ‘better value’ than gold right now, says one analyst.


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