Mon. Hot Reads: US-China Trade War Cools Off

December 03, 2018

Compiled by Staff


US & China Agree To 90-Day Trade War Truce (CNBC)
China and the U.S. put their bilateral trade war on pause.


How Next 90 Days Must Save US-China Agreement (Politico)
Agreement doesn’t tackle tough issues; it simply delays dealing with them.


Ivy League Endowments Underperform (Institutional Investor) 
New report says Ivy League endowments have not beaten garden variety 60/40 portfolios over the past decade.


Active Vs. Index Debate Is Over (BlackRock)
The better conversation to have is how to get the outcome you want at the best value.


Reducing Equity Sensitivity With Convertible Bonds (MainStay)
Convertible bonds have historically provided the upside potential of stocks and a buffer during market downturns.


Have Investors Stopped Chasing Returns? (Morningstar)
Popularity of core index funds suggests that may be the case.


Getting Enough Diversification From Your Alternatives Allocation? (Invesco)
Most portfolios aren't maximizing diversification potential of alternatives.


Are ETFs Best In Downward Trending Market? (ETF Stream)
Longest bull run in history could be nearing its end as volatility rises and major U.S. stock markets correct.


Tracking ETFs Offer Insight Into Top Hedge Funds (Bloomberg)
Top ETFs to watch for tracking top hedge funds.


Factor Use Grows Among Professional Investors (Indexology)
Recent study finds factor investing is growing, including among advisors and institutional investors.


Convertible Bonds & Rising Rates (MSCI)
They’re not the most straightforward of asset classes, and investors should understand their exposures to different sources of risk.


Is Financial Advice Conflicted, Or Misguided? (Alpha Architect) 
It turns out most advisors follow their own advice, even when it's bad.

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