Mon. Hot Reads: Why Value Investing Works

July 02, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Why Value Investing Works (Morningstar)
In times of stable expectations, value investing demonstrates its true strength.


EU Warns US Of Tariffs Worth $300B (CNBC)
EU set out clear plans to respond to potential U.S. duties on European cars.


Should Asset Managers & ETFs Be Stress-Tested? (CNBC)
Should the Fed include more than banks in its stress tests?


Name 1 Money Thing You Wish You Knew When Younger (Reformed Broker)
Personal responses from 20 financial bloggers.


ETF Industry Reaches Maturation Without Maturing (Bloomberg)
Jared Dillian says we're seeing excesses in ETF launches that are normally seen at the top of a market.


Bogle’s ‘Bastardized’ View Of ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
Why Bogle’s anti-ETF stance is fundamentally flawed.


No Hiding From China’s Market Pain (Barron’s)
Slowing economy, escalating trade tensions with U.S. have pressured Chinese stocks.


Real Story About Growth In China (BlackRock) 
Country's growth is moderating, but overall picture is rosy.


Sustaining Wealth Harder Than Getting Rich (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Forbes 400 list isn’t as stable as it may appear.


A Financial Advisor's Top Socially Responsible ETFs (Investopedia)
Not all strong sustainable investments have specific mandates to be sustainable.

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