Tues. Hot Reads: Will Investors Be Paid To Invest?

September 04, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Funds Without Fees? That's Just The Beginning (Barron's)
Could fund companies pay you to invest next?


Graham Tuckwell's ETF Poised To Rock ASX (Financial Review)
ETF Securities launching new electric car ETF with ticker 'ACDC.'


Does Your Investment Manager Have ‘Skin In The Game’? (Beaumont)

Nothing's more revealing of a manager’s interests than being personally invested in their own funds.


'Bitcoin ETF Inevitable, But Damaging' (CNN)
Author of "Mastering Bitcoin" insists long-term implication of such a fund will do more harm than good.


Active ETF Threat To Mutual Funds Draws Skepticism (Int’l Adviser)
Global active ETF assets currently total $90 billion.


Picking The Right Bond ETFs For A Flat Yield Curve (Forbes)
We’re currently seeing an unusually flat yield curve, which means you’re not getting paid much extra to hold long-dated bonds.


Owning Big Debtors Doesn't Mean More Risk For These Bond ETFs (Morningstar)
Market-value-weighted bond ETFs won’t be crushed by the large debt loads imposed by their indexes.


Nearly $1 Billion Flees 3rd-Largest Debt ETF (Bloomberg)
'LQD' sees most outflows since the 'vol-pocalypse.'


Simple 2-ETF Portfolio Gives You Everything You Need (Seeking Alpha)
Combo of these funds gives you ample diversified exposure.


Could Index Funds Become Too Popular? (Wealth of Common Sense)
Many clever investing ideas seemed good, but failed once the secret got out.


What Does It Mean To Be A Financial Expert? (Irrelevant Investor)
That market contains a paradox of expertise.

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