Monday Hot Reads: Avoid This Popular Dividend ETF

March 20, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Avoid This Popular Dividend ETF (SeekingAlpha)
DVY’s weighting methodology is flawed and leaves it ill-prepared for a bear market.


Schwab: A Contrarian View (Barron’s)
Charles Schwab has been on a growth tear, at least from the ETF industry's perspective. Analysts love Schwab. Raymond James analyst Patrick O’Shaughnessy, however, isn’t as enthused about the firm’s prospects.


Bank Of Japan's Growing Use Of ETFs (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas discusses the Bank of Japan’s use of ETFs to stimulate the economy. Japan is the world’s fastest-growing ETF market, with assets more than doubling in three years. 


ETFs Could Gain Another $3 Trillion In The Next Few Years (Business Insider) 
Exchange-traded funds could gain up to $3 trillion more in assets in the next three to five years, forcing mutual funds to compress their fees.


Record-Breaking 2017 For ETFs Fuels Fears Of Stock Market Bubble (Financial Times)
Exchange-traded funds have attracted the biggest inflow of money in the first two months of the year on record, heightening concerns that ETF buying is fueling an unsustainable price bubble in the U.S. stock market.


El-Erian Says Keep ‘Dry Powder’ for Junk, Emerging Market Wagers (Bloomberg Markets) 

Allianz's chief economic advisor says investors should not be speculators and should remain patient.


Why Markets May Be Wrong About Europe (BlackRock Blog)
BlackRock is positive on European stocks, believes markets are too pessimistic.


Modi's Magic Is Casting A Spell On Indian Stocks (Bloomberg Markets)
Perceived political stability brought by Modi's win helps to boost the stock market.


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