Mon. Hot Reads: Behind Motley Fool’s High ETF Fee

March 12, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Motley Fool's High ETF Fee (Fox) 
There's an active element to its underlying index.


2018 2Q Macro Forecast (Stratfor)
All eyes will be fixed on the White House as it launches a trade offensive whose collateral damage will be global.


Vanguard Disrupted Active Investing; Now It Could Save It (Bloomberg)
The firm levels the playing field on fees between stock pickers and smart-beta bots. 

Passive Investors, Don't Vote (WSJ)
Janus Henderson CEO argues index funds have no interest in the performance of companies they invest in.


Gender Equity Guides Growth Of New ETFs (Money Sense)

Balance on boards can drive outperformance. Now you can invest in it.


Leveraged Nasdaq-100 ETF Hits New 52-Week High (Zacks)
For investors seeking momentum, ‘TQQQ’ is likely on the radar now.


What Really Fueled The Bull (Reformed Broker) 
Hint: negativity.


Volatility Returned. How Did Advisor Models Perform? (BlackRock)
Analysis of the performance of 6,500 advisor models during the recent market volatility. 


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