Monday Hot Reads: ETF Tactics To Shield Volatility-Spikes

August 14, 2017

Compiled by Staff


4 ETF Tactics To Shield Volatility-Spikes (Seeking Alpha)
Some ideas to help manage the pickup in volatility even as macro fundamentals remain strong.


What Top ETFs Have In Common (CNBC)
Four of the top-performing ETFs year-to-date offer exposure to Asia markets.


How To Use Index Options To Hedge (Schaeffer’s Research)
Protective puts on an index or ETF can help traders sleep better at night.


3 Reasons Eurozone ETFs Have More Room To Run (SPDR Blog)
The head winds from a stronger euro are transitory, and there are three tail winds that could propel eurozone stocks higher in 2017. 


Can Oil Hang On When The OPEC Deal Expires? (ETF Daily News)
Oil prices are unlikely to rise significantly in the next few months for a number of reasons.


In Investing, Look Beyond 'America First' (MarketWatch)
Foreign stocks offer opportunities for investors worried about stretched U.S. markets.


11 ETFs That Are High-Yield ‘Wealth Traps’ (Forbes)
These funds' yields start at 4% and are climbing to an amazing 21%. Is the 21% a trap? Of course.


What's Bharat 22 Exchange Traded Fund? (
It's the second ETF to be launched by the Union Finance Ministry. 

Retirement Rule Casualty: Brokers' Mutual Fund Offerings (Morningstar)
The fiduciary rule is causing some firms to review their offerings.

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