Monday Hot Reads: An ETF Way To Play Trump's Wall

January 30, 2017

Compiled by Staff


An ETF Way To Play Trump's Wall (Yahoo)
Think there's gains to be made from Trump's planned border wall? PowerShares' construction ETF 'PKB' may be the answer. 


Key Events In The Coming ‘Big Week’ For The US (ZeroHedge)
Markets will again zero in on the U.S. this week, and not just because of Donald Trump.


Trump Unlikely To Drive Remarkable Stock Returns (Forbes)
Although Trump's presidency has opened up opportunities, analysis from Europe suggests investors should not expect outsized returns.


Oil Prices Depressed For A Few Reasons (ETF Daily News)
But mostly they amount to increases in oil supply.


How Trump's Immigration Move Could Derail The Market Rally (CNBC) 
CNBC's Jeff Cox asks, has the Republican president taken his eye off the ball that propelled him into office?


ETF Industry Sounds Off On The State Of The Market (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas and Julie Hyman recap comments on the ETF market taken from the largest ETF industry conference of the year that took place last week in Florida.


A Message For Millennials (TheReformedBroker)
If you’re a millennial holding 70% of your investable assets in cash, and you’re not on the verge of buying a home or paying off the entirety of your student debt, you'are squandering the most precious resource known to investorkind: time. 


Top 5 Municipal Market Insights For 2017 (MainStay Investments)
There’s a lot of new federal legislation expected to be proposed in 2017, which, if implemented, could impact the municipal market.


Biotech ETFs: Is It Time To Buy? (Barron’s)
Investors who hoped that fourth-quarter earnings would clarify whether now is the right time to buy big biotech may be disappointed.


China Debt Levels Raise Its Sovereign Risk (BlackRock Blog)
China has been binge-lending to its state-owned enterprises, raising its debt level and lowering its ranking in the BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index.


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