Monday Hot Reads: ETFs Worsening Market Turmoil?

February 12, 2018

Compiled by Staff


1 Market Turmoil Cause: Computer-Driven Index Funds (NY Times)

In this story that went viral over the weekend, NYT asks: Are ETFs to blame?


Are Junk Bond ETFs A Risk? (Seeking Alpha) 

Has the democratization of markets provided by ETFs gone too far?


Equity Exposures When Markets Are Volatile (MSCI Blog) 

How did different equity factors fare during the past week’s market turmoil?


After Sell-off, What’s Changed? (BlackRock)

A closer look at the market landscape after the sell-off finds little has changed.


Random Observations On Market Correction (Wealth Of Common Sense)

This is the exciting part. Really.


Why Baby Boomers Are Missing Out On ETFs  (U.S. News)

Taxes and ties to mutual funds are keeping boomers from investing in ETFs.


India Flirts With Blocking Data (Bloomberg) 

New Delhi wants to ban index providers from supplying local securities data to foreign bourses.


Be Terrified (Reformed Broker)
Be wary of anyone saying they can accurately foretell the actions of a hundred million worldwide investors.


Is Lower-For-Longer Over? (Morningstar)
With bond yields rising, some wonder if the era of ultralow rates is coming to an end—and what that means for stocks.


Bond-Stock Clash Has Just Begun (Bloomberg)
This week’s U.S. inflation report could hold the key to the next phase of the battle. 

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