Monday Hot Reads: Europe ETF Market Could Double

October 16, 2017

Compiled by Staff


BlackRock Sees Trillions Going To Europe ETFs (Bloomberg)
Market could double to $2 trillion.


Old Wall Street Losing ETF Battle (Bloomberg)

Electronic traders grabbing market share in ETF market-making space.


IMF: Huge Disruptions From Digital Currency (CNBC)
"I think we're about to see massive disruptions."


Replicating Anomalies: Recap (Alpha Architect)

Recent paper finds large numbers of anomalies, the basis for factors, can't be replicated.


Low-Risk Alternative: Market-Neutral With ETFs (Seeking Alpha)

How to deploy cash without chasing stock market rally. 


Artwork As Investment (Bloomberg)

Which does better: blue chips or watercolors?


Global Correlations & Portfolio Construction (WisdomTree)

In portfolio building, investors should consider that global correlations are rising.


6 Investing Ideas To Consider Now (BlackRock)

Not too late to prepare portfolios for the rest of 2017.


Investing By Betting On Sports Sponsors (NY Times)

FANZ’ tracks companies with sponsorships in professional sports leagues like the MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL.


Sweden’s New Cryptocurrency Market Twist (Bloomberg)
The cryptocurrency impact on ETF market.


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