Monday Hot Reads: Future Price Of Investing – Zilch

October 30, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Future Price Of Investing: Zilch (Bloomberg)
Everybody's fighting over who can charge the least.


ETFMG: Nasdaq Axed Over Management (Reuters)
ETFMG says Nasdaq failed to actively research and update the index of mostly technology stocks the fund tracked.

ESG No Longer Niche (Institutional Investor)
Sustainable investing now accounts for over 1/4 of global assets.


ETF & Fund Fees Race To The Bottom (Forbes)
Investors have much to gain from the frenzied competition in the ETF and mutual fund marketplaces.


11 Best Tech ETFs For Stellar Gains (Kiplinger)
Sector has become stock market’s dominant growth engine.


Timber ETFs’ Bump From Natural Disasters (Investment News)
Clients who want to ‘branch’ out might consider these funds.


Buy These Amazon ETFs On Q3 Blowout Results (Nasdaq)
E-commerce behemoth had earnings beat of 5100%.


Bull & Bear Market Volatility Look Very Different (Wealth of Common Sense)
Volatility on its own is not a great tool for predicting the market's direction.



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