Monday Hot Reads: How To Tell If Your Mutual Fund Is Dying

April 10, 2017

Compiled by Staff

How To Tell If Your Mutual Fund Is Dying (LA Times) 
As many investors pull money from actively managed stock mutual funds, shareholders who stay put may face special risks.


Would You Buy An ETF Without Knowing What’s In It? (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Precidian will be competing with Eaton Vance on the level of nontransparent active exchange-traded vehicles. 


A Once-Hot ETF Now Looks Pricey (Benzinga)
VanEck's SLX steel ETF is looking expensive after a recent surge.


Building A Better Bond ETF (Barron’s)
Bond indexes are problematic, making ETFs based on them problematic. Here's how to improve performance. 


The Anti-Bitcoin ETF (Wall Street Journal)
Diversified currency funds provide a contrast to proposed—and so far rejected—bitcoin ETFs.


ETFs Claiming Larger Share Of Invested Assets (Chicago Tribune)
Asset gathering pace is picking up steam, and that’s even more impressive if you consider 401(k)s still largely don’t offer ETFs. 


5 High Yield ETFs Of CEFs For Tactical Income Investors (FMD Capital Management)
A rundown of the differences between five ETFs that invest in closed-end funds.


Investors Check In To This ETF, But Don’t Want To Leave (WSJ)
BlackRock’s iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF IEMG has never had a day of net redemptions.


A Foreign Threat To US Treasuries That Dwarfs Fed's Debt Hoard (Bloomberg)
There’s an even bigger debt pile that could draw buyers away from Treasuries at just the wrong time.


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