Monday Hot Reads: Mutual Fund Launches Outpace ETFs

August 07, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Mutual Fund Launches Outpace ETFs (ValueWalk)
More mutual funds have been rolled out this year than ETFs. 


Bitcoin Soars To New Record Despite Division (Bloomberg)

Bitcoin's price climbed above $3K over the weekend even as controversy rages over its future.


Why These Top South Korea ETFs Have Soared in 2017 (Motley Fool)
Find out how to invest in stocks in this strategically important country.


Trading Places: India Surpasses China As Fastest Grower (Capital Ideas)
The outlook for India, the world’s fastest-growing economy, seems bright.


Better Buy: High Dividend ‘VYM’ Vs. ‘SCHD’ (Motley Fool)
A comparison of two great stock ETFs from Vanguard and Schwab for income-seeking investors.


Tesla To Raise $1.5 Billion In Bond Offering (ZeroHedge)
Just days after reporting its biggest quarterly cash burn in history, Tesla said it plans to raise about $1.5 billion in new cash.


Think Outside The Style Box (BlackRock Blog)
You don’t need a portfolio makeover to take advantage of smart beta. Here’s how to refresh the style box. 


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