Monday Hot Reads: No Daily Outflows In 5 Years For This ETF

October 23, 2017

Compiled by Staff


‘IEMG’ Hits 5 Years Without One Day Of Outflows (Bloomberg)
 The iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF has completed five years since inception without seeing one day of net outflows.


TD Ameritrade ‘Gathering Feedback’ After Angering RIAs (RIA Biz)
Custodian may re-evaluate after dropping no-fee Vanguard, iShares ETFs.


Dangerous Allure Of Designer Risk Factors (Institutional Investor)
Multifactor investing just like doing drugs?


ETFs Must Innovate (The Hill)
Innovation always follows disruption, whether it’s a major crash or technology glitch.


New Robot ETF Beating Market (Bloomberg)
Artificial-intelligence fund besting human competitors.


Latest Shot In ETF Price Wars (Motley Fool)
Costs approaching zero is good news for smart investors.


Unloved Asian Investors Turn To Bond ETFs (Bloomberg)
Smaller Asian bond investors overlooked by banks increasingly turning to ETFs to get fixed-income exposure.


Japan's PM Scores Big Election Win (CNBC)
Abe bolstering his chance to become nation's longest-serving premier and re-energizing his push to revise the pacifist constitution.


Leveraged ETFs Ever Good Investments? (Motley Fool)
Depends on how long you hold them.


Finding The Right Utility ETF (Seeking Alpha)
Some passive utility funds are more speculative, with customized multifactor indices. 


In Eerie Calm, Don’t Neglect Quality (BlackRock)
Quality stocks may be out of favor in this environment, but they can have an important role in a portfolio.



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