Monday Hot Reads: Thou Shalt Not Buy Biblically Responsible ETFs

March 06, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Thou Shalt Not Buy Biblically Responsible ETFs (Bloomberg)
I have exhorted the politically minded to separate their politics from their portfolios, writes author Barry Ritholtz. Until the data suggests otherwise, those with a strong religious affiliation are similarly advised to confine their spirituality to their houses of worship.


The Active ETF: What's In It For Investors? (Morningstar)
Access, cost savings and tax efficiency may be enticing, but there are hurdles to active exchange-traded products taking off.


What To Do When Your ETF Shuts Down (WSJ)
The exchange-traded-fund industry is quickly becoming a dog-eat-dog world. 


5 Ways ‘Passive’ Investing Is Actually Quite Active (Bloomberg) 
If you examine all the aspects of passive investing―from the index construction to the usage to the management of the funds―there isn’t a whole lot robotic about it. It involves a lot of human decision-making. Here are five ways “passive” is actually active.


Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Decision Due This Week: Bitcoin To $2,000? (ETF Daily News)
A fundamental approach results in a bullish forecast for bitcoin.


These Economies Are Getting More Miserable This Year (Bloomberg)
For the third year in a row, Venezuela's economic and political problems make it the most miserable in the ranking. The least miserable country is once again Thailand—in large part due to its unique way of calculating employment.


Your Brain On Bull Markets (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

Watching your stock portfolio during a bull market is a bit like being on drugs.


Blending The Ingredients Of A Portfolio (BlackRock Blog)
BlackRock's Russ Koesterich warns investors they should focus on risk just as much as they do on returns.


2% Inflation Not Enough For Draghi To Shift Policy (Bloomberg)

Mario Draghi has tried to silence a debate about accelerating inflation by pointing to weakness in underlying price pressures, arguing that unprecedented stimulus is still warranted.


Look Beyond The Label: A Smart Beta Due Diligence Primer (SPDR Blog)

Smart beta, or factor investing, is attracting increased interest as investors find they may no longer be able to achieve desired objectives by following business as usual. 


To The Moon? Analysts Optimistic Toward Bitcoin ETF Approval (CoinTelegraph)

Analysts from prominent financial institutions including Bloomberg believe the probability of the Winklevoss twins' Bitcoin ETF COIN being approved is fairly high. 


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